1. Wax-paper Backing (graph printed paper)

2.Vinyl Decal

3. Transfer Tape

Lay your decal on a hard, flat surface and squeegee firmly over the entire back of the decal, (decal facing down, wax-paper backing facing up). This will strengthen the bond between the vinyl decal and the transfer tape and help break the bond formed between the decal and the wax-paper backing. Remember these two have been together since they were made and sometimes a little extra time and effort will ease their separation anxiety.
Next, keeping your decal face down carefully begin to remove the wax paper backing by rolling it slowly back keeping it parallel and making sure that your decal is adhering to the “sticky” transfer tape, if it is not replace wax-paper and rub again with squeegee. For particularly fine decals, such as small letters, you may need to roll the wax-paper backing very slowly-folding it back on itself. The key to finely detailed decals is PATIENCE.
Now that your decal is fully adhered to the transfer tape you can begin applying it to your surface. Please be sure that you measure, and if necessary use a level to achieve your desired results. Arrange the decal on your surface and press the top edge of the transfer tape firmly all the way down, avoiding bubbles and wrinkles.
Finish the application by rubbing over the entire vinyl decal with the squeegee in order to activate the bond between the vinyl and your surface, and to remove any air bubbles.
To finish, gently pull off the transfer tape starting from the top and rolling downward keeping the paper at a 45 degree angle. Carefully peeling the transfer tape back exposing the decal. If part of the decal sticks to the transfer tape, simply roll the tape back and press down firmly and continue.
Remove any air bubbles by gently rubbing over the decal with a clean cloth. If bubbles persist you may pierce bubble with a fine needle and then smooth. On texture surface, remember to rub over decal firmly! These steps will ensure a long and lasting bond. Also remember, decals can be easily trimmed by using a sharp Exacto tool and a straight edge.