The Introduction to High Style Wall Decals:
The creation of High style wall decals came out of my passion for Interior Design. Design is not just my passion but my obsession, and it was this obsession for an inspired, beautiful, creative and unique living environment that would eventually lead me to the creation of this company.

As a designer clients often asked “what can I do that is different, not another picture or mirror or whatever- but something that is truly unique?”, and often my suggestion would be a hand painted wall mural, which could cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Most people I knew could not afford this kind of extravagance, so this, accompanied with my desire for something “new” led me on a search for something that was not just unique, but also cost effective.

In my quest for the “latest and greatest”, in the design industry, I discovered the beauty and unique characteristics of wall decals. After much thought and research I took a risk and ordered my very first wall decal and was I ever pleased, it was more than I even hoped for, I was instantly hooked. Not only was it easy to install but it was truly beautiful. I loved the look of wall decals so much I knew it was a business opportunity I would not just enjoy, but I could truly be passionate about, and thus the creation of High Style Wall Decals.
When I started to research my ideas and design concepts for High Style Wall Decals, I began to notice a trend among decal sites. The trend was obvious; most of the decals I saw were geared toward the super modern. Although I really enjoy that particular design aesthetic, I knew that it wasn’t for everyone. So I went about creating decal design’s that could be used with all types of decor-from Modern, to French Country, to Rustic, to Victorian, and so on.
I also wanted to create a line of decals specifically designed for ceiling applications. Many people would ask what to do with those plain ceilings, or Tray Ceilings, to bring out the beauty. I now had a plan and the designs that would not just make it easy and cost effective, but readily changeable as well. I was truly reinvigorated about design, and I believe this to be one of the best design ideas to come along in years.
The ideas here on this site are truly the tip of the iceberg, and you are only limited by your own imagination. I look forward to ideas and uses that you come up with. I already have folks putting them on appliances, furniture, kitchen cabinets, and just about anything else they can find. The sky’s the limit!
My hope is that everyone who visits this site and entertains the idea of creating an individual unique look with my decals, knows that each image was created with the same love and passion I put into my own home. And that sometimes the risk is worth the reward. So come in, enjoy, dream, create and live in the home you envision for your life.
Sincerely Yours,
Mindy Robertson, Owner and Operator