• When you receive your decal unroll it immediately and let it adjust to your home temprature for at least 24 hours before beginning your installation.

  • Make careful plans on the placement of your decal, measure carefully and use a level to help guide you. Note: The decals can be difficult to remove once they are on your surface so remember to plan ahead.

  • Often times decals are cut in unusual layouts to save space. Instructions for assembly will be included in such a circumstance.

  • Remember decals can be cut apart if need be, this can make installation easier. Note: If you do cut your decal apart make note of how the decal is reassembed, be sure to cut in smaller less obvious places and remember decals should be VERY slightly overlapped whan they are reassembled. Use a very sharp cutting instrument, (Exacto knife) and a straight edge for best results.

  • If you plan on applying your wall decal to a window, a glass surface, or any other flat non-porous area (such as plain metal or plastic), it will stick strongly and right away. For these kinds of surfaces we advise wetting the surface beforehand (you can use a sponge for instance). This will allow you to re-position the decal if you need to. Once the wall decal is in place, let the surface dry so that the bond is activated.

  • If you have a large size wall decal to apply, have a friend help you. This can make the application much easier.

  • If you want to remove a wall decal, simply peel it off gently by hand or use a blow dryer (set heat position) if it's on a fragile surface.

Good luck, and enjoy your decal for years to come!

For more information, please visit us at info@highstylewalldecals.com

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