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This spectacular spiral shell is quite striking. Use it in a unconventional way as a piece of contemporary art for a truely unique visual treat.


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 Here at High Style Wall Decals we are proud to offer high quality, stylish and current wall decals to our customers. We offer this wonderful wall decal called Shell as one of our many wall sticker options in our Decorative Elements category. This is a great option for those looking for a starting price point of $28.00. It is with great pride that we are offering you our Shell wall decals found in the Decorative Elements category, and we are sure that our color choices and high quality wall vinyl will suit even the most discerning customer.

Our extensive variety of wall graphics like Shell, found in our Decorative Elements category, have universal appeal because they suit different customers with different demands. Here you can find wall decals of all sizes, colors and styles. We have created Shell and all of our custom wall decals in our Decorative Elements category with our residential and commercial wall graphics customer in mind. Our removable wall decals are brought to our customers with the most current design aesthetic and style in mind. We assure you a stylish wall graphic with lasting quality. Whether you choose a wall decal from our category or one of our many others, we give each and every decal our care and attention.

At High Style Wall Decals our wall decals for kids and our tree decals have become great sellers, thanks to our loyal customers. The flexibility and design of our wall decals for kitchens have also been in high demand.

Our Shell wall decal is universal because it suits different residential and commercial customers with different demands. Our high quality wall graphics, like Shell, are very in demand as with most of the products in our Decorative Elements category. We think this wall decal is a great option for those looking for a starting price of $28.00. Our removable wall graphics are great because as we all know people change their minds over the course of time, and our wall decals remove from surfaces cleanly. Great interior design is as important as great fashion sense. And our Shell wall decal will ensure you are showing a great design sense. At High Style Wall Decals we strive to bring our customers extraordinary wall decals that suit all budgets and tastes, see many examples of these designs in our Decorative Elements category.

Interior design and wall decals are constantly changing and evolving. You can't keep up with it. But we can help. Our extensive removable wall decal designs are changing along with today’s fashions. We help customers stay current with wall decals like Shell found in the Decorative Elements category. The Decorative Elements category is only one of many categories of wall stickers that we offer. These thought provoking and sometimes whimsical wall graphics stay current with customers’ needs. This also allows customers to stay in touch with all the latest wall decal trends. We are sure that our color choices and high quality wall decals will suit even the most discerning customer.

We offer this wonderful Shell wall decal as only one of many options in our Decorative Elements category. It is with great pride that we offer such a wide variety of wall stickers that are not only affordable but so easy to apply. We offer many wall decals in a wide range of pricing, including this wall graphic with a starting price of $28.00.

Applying these wall graphics, like Shell, from our extensive Decorative Elements category, could not be easier. Just follow this easy step-by-step wall graphics tutorial or go to our Instructions page for a visual tutorial.

Begin by lying your Shell wall decal on a hard, flat surface and squeegee firmly over the entire back of the wall decal, (wall decal will face down, wax-paper backing facing up). This will strengthen the bond between the Shell wall decal, found in the Decorative Elements category, and the transfer tape and help release the bond formed between the wall sticker and the wax paper backing. Remember, these two have been together since they were made and sometimes a little extra time and effort will ease their separation anxiety.

Next, keeping your Shell removable wall decal face down carefully begin to remove the wax paper backing by rolling it slowly back, keeping it parallel and making sure that your wall decal is adhering to the “sticky” transfer tape, If it is not replace the wax-paper and rub the back of the Shell wall decal again with the squeegee. For particularly fine wall decals, such as small letters, you may need to roll the wax-paper backing VERY SLOWLY-folding it back on itself. The key to finely detailed wall graphics is PATIENCE.

Now that your Shell wall decal, from the Decorative Elements category, is fully adhered to the transfer tape you can begin applying it to your surface. Please be sure to measure and, if necessary, use a level to achieve your desired results. Arrange the Shell removable wall graphic on your surface and press the top edge of the transfer tape firmly all the way down, avoiding bubbles and wrinkles.
Finish the application by rubbing over the entire Shell wall decal with the squeegee in order to activate the bond between the wall vinyl and your surface, and to remove any air bubbles. The Shell wall decal as well as many others in the Decorative Elements category,will look amazing with a little time and patience.

To finish, gently pull off the transfer tape starting from the top and rolling downward keeping the paper at a 45 degree angle. Be very careful while peeling the transfer tape back and exposing the Shell wall decal. If part of the wall graphic sticks to the transfer tape, simply roll the tape back and press down firmly and continue.

Remove any air bubbles by gently rubbing over the Shell wall decal with a clean cloth. If bubbles persist you may pierce the bubble with a very fine needle and then smooth. These steps will ensure a long and lasting bond. Remember, the Shell wall sticker or any wall graphic from the [birds and insect] category can be easily trimmed by using a sharp Exacto tool and a straight edge.

We have also included several tips and tricks for installation of your wall graphic from the Decorative Elements category. Follow these tips for a successful installation of your Shell removable wall sticker.
When you receive your Shell wall decal unroll it and lie flat for at least 24 hours. We often put our wall decals from the Decorative Elements category, on sheets in unusual ways to save space and vinyl, simply cut out sections individually, (except words and names should be left whole), and apply as instructed.

If you plan on applying your Shell wall decal to a window, a glass surface, or any other flat non-porous area (such as plain metal or plastic), it will stick strongly and right away. For these kinds of surfaces we advise wetting the surface beforehand (you can use a sponge for instance). This will allow you to re-position the Shell wall decal if you need to. Once the wall decal is in place, squeegee the wall graphic until all of the water and bubbles are removed. Once the surface is dry the Shell wall decal will bond to the surface.

If you have a large size wall decal to apply, have a friend help you. This can make the application much easier. There are many large removable wall stickers in our Decorative Elements category.
A large wall decal can easily be cut apart to make application easier, just be sure to make note of where each section goes and when you apply it to your surface overlap each piece VERY slightly. The seams will be virtually invisible.

When working with a tall wall decal work from the bottom ensuring the decal is level at the floor/baseboard. Leave a little extra at the floor/baseboard so you can remove the very bottom for a truly custom look. For exact cuts use an “Exacto” knife or a sharp blade.

Remember to measure your Shell wall decal when it arrives as the measurements on the website are ONLY estimates. All wall graphics from the Decorative Elements category as well as all of the other categories, implement sizing estimations.
If you want to remove the Shell wall decal, simply peel it off gently by hand or use a blow dryer (set heat position) if it's on a fragile surface.

We, at High Style Wall Decals, take your satisfaction in the Shell wall decal very seriously and want each and every customer to be satisfied with their purchase. If you are not happy with your Shell wall decal purchase, or any wall graphic from the Decorative Elements category please contact us. If you think we could improve in some way, we are interested in your feedback. Please enjoy your Shell wall decal, from the Decorative Elements category, and we hope to see you back here soon shopping at our ever evolving wall decal website.


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